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Marc Tracy, the owner and author of the america all over your ass blog, has kindly agreed to write a monthly guest blog for this site. Marc is a talented, edgy and humorous writer that I enjoy reading and I think you will too. When you finish reading this blog, take a look at his website, There's more where this came from. You'll find that Marc is a no-holds-barred conservative and an excellent read. Hey, who loves ya, baby? Enjoy!

The CNN National Security GOP Debate: As dry and predictable as my Thanksgiving turkey

Mix a few references to the Reagan calling card “Shining city on the hill”, several sonnets to Israel, the obligatory promises to clamp shut the border and a shared desire to maintain America’s military dominance and you have covered all the ingredients necessary to fill a GOP national security debate. Nothing really earth shattering was uttered on the stage in DC unless you consider Newt Gingrich’s defense of long term illegal immigrants under the banner of family akin to throwing open our borders to all comers. While that may be the Romney spin, Gingrich articulated a fairly judicious immigration policy that begins with securing the border and includes a form of amnesty for families having resided in the U.S. long term.

Which one to crush Obama?
From CNN Debate

Which one to crush Obama?  

The debate went as expected, which meant each candidate played to his or her established stage persona. Governor Jon Huntsman made somewhat of an energetic appearance in the debate but he continues to be like every annoying kid running for high school class president who spends much of his time warbling on about his fantastic volunteer work. It is now a debate staple that he and Senator Rick Santorum will compete to see who can cram as much resume into each and every answer.

“Governor Huntsman, what is your stance on continued American involvement in Afghanistan?”

“Thank you for the question….I remember being the Ambassador to China after being the Governor of Utah…… and I just made mayor of the debate on Foursquare…so I’ve been all over the place and can pick out Afghanistan on a map. Even have a few Facebook friends from there. My resume is incredible and under the skills section, I’m a problem solver…I solve problems….so Afghanistan: solved.”

After a minute of listening to him you know he must hear Mozart as the words pass his lips.

Looking past the reading of Huntsman’s resume, there were nominal winners, just one loser and those just treading water. A very quick rundown of the winners, losers and floaty-wearing splashers:


· Newt Gingrich: he’s the most articulate and versed candidate on stage. He handles every question with an eagerness befitting Dan Rather’s “wolverine” characterization. He’s the prof that knows everything and wants you to know he knows everything. He’s the know-it-all guy you’d punch in a bar but he’s got the arsenal for any argument. Still winning.

·  Mitt Romney: kind of untouchable. Nobody really wants to hit him because he seems so nice and non-threatening. He’s got the answers memorized and at the ready. Problem, though, is conservatives just can’t warm up to what amounts to a reprogrammable robot. Upload the wrong file on the wrong day and we worry that conservative Romney becomes pro-healthcare mandate or pro-abortion Romney. It’s hard to dent the amorphous robot Terminator in T2 and its likewise for theRominator. Still winning….like Homer Simpson, by default as usual.

· Jon Huntsman: had to throw him a bone. Have you heard he was Ambassador to China?

Floaties On, Safety First when treading water:

· Rick Perry: still love the guy. Love him even more after reading this article about him. Problem is he still can’t stand there and enunciate his own record. Should be easy. Basically: I have been really successful in Texas. The rest of America sucks. He needs to own the stage like he owns a rally. The only thing he’s owning right now are the trademark rights on the cringes being made by conservatives every time he gets past the 10 second marker of any answer. Treading water, buoyed by everything else except the debates.

· Michele Bachman: shows flashes of skill at the debates but occasionally slips into two very dangerous areas. She will wink at some of the crazier ideas (immunizations=retardation) or she shreds Reagan’s oft repeated 11th Commandment to not attack fellow Republicans. Tonight she went after Perry regarding aid to Pakistan. Nothing to gain there. Treading water but is splashing around.

· Ron Paul: doesn’t matter how crazy he is, he has a built in crazy base so he’ll remain treading water within the same constituency. He can be well spoken one minute, warning of the moon men the next. Treading water there are enough Paul-bots to keep him afloat.

· Rick Santorum: have you heard about his time in the Senate a long time ago?


· Herman Cain: he’s the only loser of the night. Love the guy but he is woefully unprepared for any foreign policy or national security issues. His answers are always numbered and read slowly like he’s reading off an eye chart….#1. I will gather experts….#2. I will determine different options….#3. I will weigh the options. Got it. If elected you will think about things. That doesn’t really help in determining what you would actually decide though. He does want to remain best pals with Israel so some points awarded when balanced against Obama’s virulent hatred of the chosen people and their land.

That was the debate. Nothing jumped out that screamed “oh my god….sheer brilliance” or “for the love of God where is Paul Ryan?”. Personally, I’m growing fonder of Newt with each passing debate. For now…Wolverine!!   

A Note From Marc:

Please find my spasmodic conservative ramblings at As a lifelong member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, I dive head first into the political, historical and economic events that affect America. Sanity maintained by the sheer ridiculousness of the Left.

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