Just Some Thoughts

There are a few ideas that are so closely interwoven with economic and individual freedom, that I would like to share them.

Just Some Thoughts - A Work in Progress

1. Limited Laws and Government

Thomas Jefferson wrote that we "are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights and that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Have you thought about what this means? Most people don't know that the word "inalienable" means that these things cannot be separated (alienated) from us as people. There is a deep meaning here. It means that man cannot have these basic rights removed from him. Taken farther it strongly implies that to succeed in removing these rights makes an individual less than a man.

Certainly to remove life from the body reduces a human being to organic matter. To remove liberty, and by this we mean to unduly constrain a person in any way, not just incarcerate that person, is to prevent a man from following his conscience. That conscience is what raises us up from brutes. This also fits into "the pursuit of happiness" which should result in a man becoming the individual he was meant to be. Ideally attaining that pinnacle should enable a man to truly seek happiness.

2. Lowest Common Denominator (LCD) Government

Laws are best which are govern least. Because situations do vary greatly, to write laws at a higher level of government than necessary, which affects a greater number of people needlessly, constrains additional people that should not be restrained. Laws must be written at the lowest level of government at which they can be effective.

3. Private Property cannot be separated from individual freedom

Property - or resources, if you prefer - will be under the control of individuals, organizations or governments. If individuals are not allowed to purchase and control private property then organizations made up of individuals cannot control property either. This means that government will control those resources and eventually control the organizations and the people.

It does not matter what type of government people design, if the government controls the means to production - especially the production of food - then the government will eventually control the people. Will an individual risk the displeasure of the government if his ability to provide for himself and his family can be removed at a bureaucrat's whim? Will he risk the displeasure of the masses to make his beliefs known if a majority can starve his entire family to death?

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