Thursday, May 26, 2011

Democrats and the Art of Doing Nothing

Democrats have raised doing nothing to its highest form of art. If one steps back and simply looks - with a nonpartisan eye - at what they haven't done and the elegance with which they have not done it; it's amazing. And now Democrats proclaim that doing nothing has won them a US House seat in New York.

Poor Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI)! He thought the way to get ahead was to work on budgets that would realistically resolve our debt crisis with the least possible pain to the economy. Apparently it doesn't work that way, but he still gets the blame. 

Congressman Paul Ryan
We all know that entitlements have to be reformed. In fact, while Democrats were leisurely doing as little as possible, they did take the time to criticize Republicans for not taking on entitlements because the entitlement programs are such a large part of the budget. In fact the Democrats, when they could be bothered, ridiculed the earlier GOP budget reform plans as "not serious" because social security, medicare and medicaid were not the focus of those new budget plans.

Let us take a moment and recall the 2010 budget when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the White House. That budget was a masterpiece of the current Democrat strategy. It was flawless; it angered almost no one and allowed Democrats to continue spending money like a Kennedy while not a one of them had to commit to a vote. That's right; there was no vote because there was no budget. Yes, yes, I know the law requires a budget, but when the media holds you harmless for doing nothing, why buck the trend?

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