Websites Worth Reading - A Detailed Blogroll

Check out the sites below. Some are great opinion blogs, others are fine aggregators of web content from trusted sites and others are a combination of things. If you're interested in politics and social commentary, then see the list below for a good time.

If you have sites to suggest you can either leave a comment or contact me by using the Contact Information tab at the top of the page. Simply click on the titles to go to the site you selected. If any links are broken, please inform me. Thanks,  Ken

54°40′ Or Fight! - What else would you call a conservative blog based in Oregon? Multiple authors cover national as well as Oregon-based political issues. While the site may stress being a media watchdog it also succeeds in other areas. This blog is worthy of your time.

A Patriotic Nurse - New website; same thoughtfully argued points and compelling reasoning. Erica makes no bones about her beliefs: pro-life Catholic, limited-government lover of freedom, patriot. When you're ready for some well-written opinion based in grounded beliefs, A Patriotic Nurse is the place.

The Absurd Report - A well-done aggregator site with video, editorial cartoons and original commentary. A good mix of things, including editorials by The Bear, make this a must-read site.

AJC Political Insider  - Jim Galloway finds the poop and delivers the poop with regularity. For all politics that is Atlanta-related and Georgia government-related, Galloway is the dean.

america all over your ass - Excellent conservative writer Marc Tracy offers insightful prose on current events and politics. Ir's maliciously cutting-edge fun even for old pols like me. Warning if you're a liberal and say dumb things (yeah, I know, same thing) he may just go "america all over your ass". Consider yourself warned.

Bayou Renaissance Man - Good stuff from a former military man, former computer geek, medically retired pastor and a very good full-time writer. Peter guarantees his content will offend the politically correct - my kind of a guy - and he also know how to have a good laugh. Great links and videos on this conservative site which focuses a lot on firearms and the Second Amendment. I highly recommend that you check it out.

Canada Free Press - Admit it; you like Canadians. There are a lot of Canadian Playmates, more Canadians are playing major league baseball every year and they just told Al Gore to stuff Kyoto. Here's another reason: Canada Free Press. Yearning for freedom does not stop at the border and they cover a lot of good ol' American politics and they do it the right way.

The Cato Institute - The foremost libertarian think tank. Lots of interesting scholarly studies and opinion pieces.

CNS (Cybercast News Service) - Founded by L. Brent Bozell III, CNS has original reporting and often has stories that conservatives and libertarians believe important but do not appear in mainstream media.

Drifting Through The Grift - James Williams is an excellent writer and I would hesitate to cavalierly define his political beliefs in a word or a phrase. He has interesting ideas and approaches and that certainly makes him time-worthy and very readable.

The Daily Bayonet - "Skewering the Clueless Since 2006" which alone makes them a good read. Yet, amongst the snarkiness and humor there is a serious devotion to debunking the left's new religion: man-made global warming. Revealing and educational articles and links on this subject. Definitely a good read.

The Drudge Report - The granddaddy of all of the aggregation websites. Covering politics, entertainment and science, though mostly politics. Easy interface, links to great sites and the occasional original news bombshell make for a must-read site.

Fort Liberty - An outpost of conservative thought, very good writers and strong opinions. Professional in every way and a good read. Writers specialize in general areas such as military and law enforcement, the white house, Tea Party, Latin America, women's issues, etc. to provide continuity. You should take a long look, because if you do, you'll enjoy it and be back.

Free Republic - I've been a FReeper since around 1997. This site is a combination aggregator of information and political discourse. Sometimes the comments are better than the original piece.

Gnat Line Politics and Apologetics - A new blog from Brandon Howell. I enjoy Brandon's perspective on politics and his analysis is good - very good.

The Heritage Foundation - The top conservative think tank provides access to many first-rate studies, and, of course, there are opinion pieces, as well.

Human Events - Great source for news on the federal government. Human Events may be the most conservative of all news magazines.

Iowa Hawk - The pundit's pundit. Is there anyone else who could combine 60's comedian Allan Sherman's tribute to summer camp, "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah" with the lobotomized Occupy Wall Street brats - and make it hilarious? David Burge rocks and he rocks with granite. Read it!

Jason Pye - The libertarian view from Georgia. Well written and forcefully argued.

Junk Science - "We're more worried about the intellectual climate." Tired of the same recycled, phony "proof" that climate change is caused by man? Yeah, me too. This is the cure.

Katy's Conservative Corner - Katy Benningfield covers both national and North Carolina politics in her blog. Actually includes some reporting! Good reads, Katy!

Little Miss Attila - If I said it was purely for karma, it would be a sly tribute to one R. S. McCain, but it's the clear, concise prose that I like. It's also spiritually uplifting and we could all use more of that.

MosesMosesMoses - The effervescent blog of Deborah Mabey - and I do mean effervescent; ideas constantly bubble to the top and Ms. Mabey takes them on armed with both wit and a consistent intolerance for stupidity. If Dorothy Parker had been a US Navy oceanographer . . .

Ms. Underestimated - This blog holds posts that are a serious commentary on current events but made completely enjoyable by snide, snarky commentary that slices and dices liberal B.S. like a socially aware conservative Cuisinart. Lots of video links to back up Ms. Underestimated's points. A good read any day.

My View of the World - An excellent blog by James P. Willis who approaches politics from a solidly conservative, solidly Christian perspective. Good, original thoughts and writing will bring you back again and again. Always insightful and always a good read.

National Review Online - The late William F. Buckley stood athwart history and his magazine is the touchstone for conservatives. Do I always agree? Of course not, but this is a good place to begin.

Neal Boortz - The official website of the High Priest of the Church of the Painful Truth. For some reason liberals hate Boortz's common sense libertarianism, but personally I like it. There is a link to Neal's popular radio talk show on the home page. Check it out and also check out Nealz Nuze while you're on the site.

Peach Pundit - Anyone who claims to know Georgia politics and does not read Peach Pundit is self-delusional. This is a necessity for anyone who would know what happens under the Gold Dome, the Georgia Governor's mansion and, occasionally, the Pink Pony. Commentators are (mostly) welcome and others may be tolerated. Just follow the rules and be agreeably disagreeable if disagree you must.

Pitsnipes Gripes - Hilarious and conservative. Lots of great pics, videos and conservative zingers from boilerdoc. At any time you will find something here to make you smile - or pics of attractive chicks. Check it out!

Reason Magazine - I'm not a Libertarian, but I've been an Austrian School of Economic Thought guy since the early 1980s. They get a lot of things right and "thought-provoking" is a good and just description.

Red State  - Erick Erickson's gem. Good opinion and fact pieces here.

Right Wing News - This is a great place to start the day. John Hawkins combs the web for top conservative blogs and provides links to his choices. He also contributes his own opinions and that is also a good read.

Sago - "Handcrafted Opinion Served Fresh Daily" is the motto. Sago is dedicated to highlighting the bloggers you’ve never heard of but should have -  and me. I mean if you're here then you've heard of me, right? Surely you didn't think I was being modest? There are good pieces here and it has variety, too.

That's Just Peachy - A fantastic aggregator of all news related to the state of Georgia. Good, clean interface and links to trusted sites. Baker's site is a must for Georgians and others interested in the Peach State.

Theo Spark - Theo accumulates a lot of interesting things and is kind enough to let folks know when I post a new blog. Good humor and political opinions interspersed with photos of attractive ladies. This is a great aggregation site and a good way to get the pulse of the conservative social media world.

The Other McCain - Wit, wisdom and stylish hat-wearing from Stacy McCain and Chris "Smitty" Smith. If you're missing this blog, then you're missing more than you should. Wise up; and hit 'em up. If you're a fellow blogger, then Stacy's "How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog in Less Than a Year" is a true must-read.

Three Beers Later - Self-described "South Park Conservative" Richard McEnroe has a great conservative site. Links! Great links! Videos! Hot Links! Tremendous RSS feed from some excellent blogs! Did I mention links? Seriously, this is a good place to get an overview of what's going on with humor and insight.

We Are Politics - Renowned national and Georgia political commentators spark this site.

The World According to Bridget - Come on, you know you want to follow an intrepid, conservative, attractive young photojournalist who writes about travel and politics. Bridget sounds as though she should be a character in an adventure movie, but she's real. I've met her myself. She writes well and is an excellent photographer. Check out her site! There are Machu Picchu pics!

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