Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Top 10 Things About the Obama Administration

People are far too negative, so as a Conservative Republican I thought that I would seek out some positives from the Obama Administration. Out of a lengthy list, I culled out the top ten. I also, inadvertently found out that the President does, indeed, have many successful plans to his credit.

10.  We're creating more new millionaires every day. Between lottery winners and former billionaires, there are quite a few.
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9.  The health of our country's elderly is vastly improved. . . They are much more active. The President's plan to force them back into the workplace worked!

8.  Working people have lots of free time . . . because they're now former working people.

7.  The Gulf of Mexico is so much prettier without those unsightly oil drilling rigs, don'tcha think?

6.  Air pollution has substantially decreased . . . The President's plan to increase fuel prices worked!

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Vice-President Joe Biden
5.  Joe Biden is the Vice-President . . . and not out loose on the streets. What? You thought those Secret Service guys were to protect him?

4.  Government offices are much more consumer friendly. . . There are lots more people to talk to in the unemployment lines.

3.  We are more openly accepted by the world community which resented our prosperity. . . The President's plan to make us poorer succeeded brilliantly!

2.  Illegal immigrants are leaving the country in droves . . . because like legal citizens, they can't find a job here either. The President's unemployment plan worked!

1.  Georgia can now stop apologizing for being the home state of the country's worst President. As an added bonus, perhaps Jimmy Carter can finally stay home and shut up!
Official White House portrait of Jimmy CarterImage via Wikipedia
The former worst US President Jimmy Carter

Okay, Illinois, here's a tip on how to apologize to the rest of the country. Begin like this: "We didn't know. We thought he was a harmless peanut farmer community organizer. We'll never do this again . . ." You can probably take it from there. Just use your notes from Dan Rostenkowski and your past few indicted and convicted governors.

Look at all President Obama has accomplished and it's only cost us $8.89 trillion . . . so far.

by Ken Carroll

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  1. Illinois gave the Country exactly what was advertised.... Chicago Democrat Machine Politics. Chicago style specifically. Rahm Emanuel (now current mayor) and Bill Daley (brother of ex-mayor).

    I recommend you seek out "Boss" by Mike Royko (it's practically a pamphlet) on how Da Original Mayor ran the city. It's more of a Dynasty or more like a Pharaoh than an elected official in a Democracy.

  2. Thanks, Capn.

    I'm behind in my reading (I'm ALWAYS behind in my reading), but I will check it out. Royko was a hell of a writer in the very best sense. If anyone would tell it straight and tell it well, it would be him.


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