Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Quick Note on the Obama Birth Certificate

I’m on record as saying the controversy over President Obama’s birth certificate was a distraction from important things. One can blame the “birthers” for refusing to give this up or one can blame President Obama for refusing to display the long-form birth certificate much earlier. In this one, believe it or not, I side with President Obama. If someone continually demanded that I display some of my personal paperwork for everyone to leisurely review and publicly comment upon, then I’d probably tell them to go to Hell.

So now, can we finally focus upon the fact that our President is either so incompetent or so ideologically crippled that he risks destroying our country? Of course he has been aided by the likes of the melodramatic Nancy Pelosi and the Cowboy Poetry-loving Harry Reid, but they couldn’t have done it without him.

I offer a modest suggestion. How about everyone who was so incensed over the possibility that President Obama was born in a different country put at least some energy into publicizing the fact that Washington seems to be doing everything possible to crush our entire economy beginning with our energy sector?

There is one final point to consider. Politics is still more important to many people.

While declaring “victory” for forcing President Obama to reveal his birth certificate, Donald Trump went on to say that perhaps the press will now ask him about important things and drop the birth certificate issue. Since Trump revived the issue single-handedly, try wrapping your mind around that. Then to further insult the public’s common sense, Mr. Trump challenged Mr. Obama to release his college records by chiding Obama on his reputed poor school records. Per Real Clear Politics, Trump asked, "I'd like to know how does he get into Harvard, how does he get into Columbia if he isn't a very good student?” Trump later added, “But the word is he wasn't a very good student.”

So, did President Obama set a better example? Not really. President Obama declared that he produced the long-hidden birth certificate to enable the public to focus on much more serious issues. “We do not have time for this kind of silliness,” the President stated. Then he returned immediately to the Oval Office to continue sweating over a way to save our down-trodden economy. Just kidding! Are you crazy? Of course not. He proceeded to go to Chicago so he and the First Lady could be interviewed by Oprah. 


  1. America was conned.

    Glad we put that silly Consitution behind us. Politics is more important.

    It was never about land of birth or BC. (jus soli). That was a distraction.

    Constituitnal issue was jus sanguinis.

    One more chunk taken out of the Constitution. I guess Article 2 Section 1 is less equal than ohter parts of the Constitution.

    What good does it do us to get the man out of the Whitehouse when the cabal that put him there remains to continue their gradual dismantlng of the Constitution?

  2. Here is a quicker note on the birth certificate. Its a forgery, a Photoshop forgery. The layers come apart, and the last digit does not match the others in the sequence number upper right.

  3. I agree. The damn thing is a flipping fake!


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