Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where are the Adults? Obama's Big Adventure in the Middle East

It isn't so much that President Obama appears to be doing nothing about the Middle East's rolling riots. It's that feeling of dread that he might attempt to do something and the near-certain knowledge that it will end badly. This is a man who is so far out of his depth that his administration has a chronic case of the Bends - sort of a "Rapture of the Dweeb".

Less than a single term as a US Senator, eight years as a state senator, no executive branch experience, no business experience, but experience as a "community organizer" is not the dream resume' of a US President in troubled times. In fact, Obama would not qualify to be an advisor to himself.

The problem with a democratic republic is that you get the government you deserve. So, we have an inexperienced, ideologically-blinded leader who either does not understand the importance of the current events in the Middle East or is unable to fathom a response beyond issuing meaningless statements.

I don't need to tell you that oil prices are going through the roof. I don't need to remind you that oil rigs have been floated off from the Gulf of Mexico to locations where a profit is to be had. I'm sure you realize that even if the drilling moratorium is lifted today, that it will be at least 18 months before directional drilling from current oil platforms might deliver more petroleum - and then there will be a bottleneck because we haven't built an oil refinery in this country in over 30 years.

Obviously, this isn't all Obama's fault. The conservatives we have elected to office have been timid and backed down before the mostly-imagined wrath of the environmentalist lobby. Where, by the way, have those jackals been lately? I don't see them on TV bragging about what a great job they have done in preventing the construction and implementation of oil refineries, nuclear energy plants and oil drilling rigs.

Apparently mouthy environmentalists are as scarce as Keith Olberman, who is now on some faux channel, and Albert Gore, Jr., the owner of said faux channel. In the meantime we live in the land wrought by these over-achieving, climate-change mongering, pseudo-science promoting socialists. Welcome to the land where people with common sense sit at home on election day.

Back in the Middle East, those despots who can maintain the death-grips on their countries are about to reap a fortune as we pump our livelihoods into our gas tanks in the form of $5 per gallon gasoline. Why? Because we have made mostly poor decisions for the past century and forgotten that in order to prosper some Americans must be allowed to make a profit. Now, with a crumbling economy, deep debt and an oncoming energy crisis; we have little need to worry about Americans making a profit.

As always, someone somewhere will make a profit, but he won't be an American. In fact, he probably won't even like America and will gladly support those who would destroy us. It's time to send in the adults - and there are apparently none in this administration.

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  1. As inexperienced as Obama is regarding national issues - my daughter, by virtue of operating her neighborhood lemonade stand has more business experience - is completely lost when it comes to foreign affairs. His vacillating and ineptitude on international affairs is on display for the entire world to see. He embraced the revolution in Egypt and "owns" whatever ultimately rules that country going forward.

  2. Actually I believe Obama wants the chaos and his move yesterday to drop defense of the “The Defensive Marriage Act” fits right into it. He is trying his best to get things rumbling here in the states so he can lock down with martial law or something close to that, Note what the TSA is doing and the loose of rights many are Ok with by note allowing this transgression. That one move had two purposes one to insight conservative citizen’s sensibility and two to through some fresh meat to his gay base. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country! Get up off the couch, educate yourself (time is very short), find out whom you are, Pray and search your soul, then get active against the evil that is growing.


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