Friday, January 14, 2011

Mayor Shaheen states grand jury believes Walker possibly murdered

According to the Warner Robins Patriot, Mayor Chuck Shaheen has told the Warner Robins City Council that a grand jury believes that former mayor Donald Walker may have been murdered.

This is not the bombshell. The bombshell is that Shaheen states that the grand jury also suspects Donald Walker's wife, Patricia Walker, of the murder and that Warner Robins Police Chief Brett Evans helped cover up the murder. Radio Station WRWR has been playing the audio of the meeting between Shaheen and the city council this afternoon on its local talk show.

City Attorney Jim Elliot has confirmed that he accompanied Mayor Shaheen to a grand jury meeting at the request of former Houston County District Attorney Kelly Burke last March. Elliot would not comment beyond stating that he was present, at Shaheen's request, as the grand jury asked Shaheen questions.

Patricia Walker and Brett Evans both supported Shaheen's opponent Chuck Chalk in last year's mayoral race. There has been continued and open animosity between Shaheen and Evans and between Shaheen and members of the Warner Robins City Council.

Questions still remain:

Why did Shaheen wait ten months to drop this bombshell?

If the grand jury believes Patricia Walker guilty and Evans an accessory, why has no action been taken?

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