Monday, April 11, 2011

Top Ten Presidential Demands of Donald Trump

In a secret that will only be revealed here, Donald Trump has been in private negotiations to obtain the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination. As usual “The Donald” is driving a tough bargain. Below are Trump’s demands if he is to run the country:

10. Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” will be required reading in all colleges and high schools.

9. President Obama must write 100 times on the blackboard, “I will not leave my birth certificate at home again.”

8. US’s China Policy will become “All Chinese imports must be made in the United States.”

7.  The US will demand that Kuwait and Iraq pay rent to the US on all oil wells, current and future.

6. While he is in office, the United States will be referred to as Trump Land.

5. The sitting President always makes the cut at the Masters.

4. Trump gets TWO Nobel prizes as soon as he is sworn in.

3. All Trump ex-wives receiving alimony will be American good will ambassadors - in Sendai¸ Japan.

2. When Trump is elected President he also becomes the President of The Hair Club for Men.

1. A new reality TV show will be broadcast from the White House: Apprentice VP.

Incentive Bonus: If the federal debt is reduced to zero during his administration not only does The Donald gets his image carved on “Mount Trump-more” – he gets the franchise rights!

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