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The Righteous Right-Wing Republican Rant on Florida

- A Not-So-Moderate Message to Moderate Republicans -

The members of the Republican Party and conservatives - often two separate groups - are feeling a widespread range of emotions right now. Some of those emotions include thoughts of hatred, betrayal and incredulity toward each other. You don't need to be Dr. Phil to know that this is not a good thing.

I'm not going to yield to my own emotions right now because I pretend to be a somewhat objective writer and I know that I will support the eventual GOP nominee because, quite frankly, Barack Obama is less qualified to run this country than Patty Murray and Cindy Sheehan are to become chapter presidents of MENSA. I won't knock someone now that I will actively campaign for in November.

So, without attacking any Republican Presidential candidates, I would like to point out a few things.
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First, choosing a candidate based upon perceived "electability" is a joke. Do you believe in your principles or not? If you do, then at least give them a chance. "We have to appeal to independents" may be one of the most ignorant, asinine comments uttered by otherwise respectable people. Of course you have to appeal to the independents, but does abandoning your own positions do that? No. What ever happened to reasoning with independents? Whatever happened to forcefully putting forth what you believe to sway other people's opinions?

If you won't stand up for what you believe, then there are one of two things possible. Either you don't understand or believe your own stated opinions or you are a coward. And this is why conservatives become skull-popping outraged with GOP moderates. It's like having the French protect your flank. You're pretty sure they are going to break ranks and run, but you are forced to count on them. And then when they do shriek and scurry away like rats, it will be at the worst possible time - every time.

Please stop licking your finger and sticking it in the wind. Stand for something! Polls are a tool for shaping your message, not a method of determining what you believe. If you rely on polls to tell you how to vote, then do us all a favor and stay home on election day - and don't breed.

Why would you throw away your own set of beliefs in favor of some open-mouthed breather who just happens to answer the phone one day and talks to a pollster? Why should any stranger or number of strangers be allowed to influence your personal choice? Why would you care? Personally, I wouldn't let the opinion of the masses inform me on which breath mint to give a stray cur.

Second, if nominating a "moderate" who can "appeal to independents" is so important, then why isn't President McCain running for re-election right now? And what ever happened to President Dole? And why was George H. W. Bush denied a second term? Those are your GOP Moderate All-Stars; the Murderer's Row of the Pragmatic, Mixed-Signals, Ideology-Free, In-Betweeners who were neither fish, nor fowl nor conservative; proudly batting a collective .000 with a base on balls given to Bush 41 in 1988 thanks to Ronald Reagan.

"Moderates" don't appeal to independents and "maverick" Republicans who depend on a friendly press will ultimately fail when the media prefers the liberal candidate each time. It does not take a genius to see this obvious pattern of repeat failures.

If the conservative moniker is so repulsive, why do the handlers and supporters of moderate candidates insist upon misappropriating it? Putting the conservative label on a moderate fools no one above the age of six and upsets the real conservatives. Just stop it. Some political pundits know better and I will save them for a personal skewering when I can devote the necessary venom to do the job properly.

Conservatives want a candidate who knows what he believes and who can articulate a vision of the country that he will lead. We do not want a timid candidate who has memorized his lines but does not have a heart-felt allegiance to freedom, liberty and individualism. Freedom is not a slogan; it is a concept, a passion and an overwhelming drive that pulls at the heart of every man who draws breath. Sadly, there are too many who feel an equally strong tug from an access to power.

Third, everyone wants to plan the wedding ceremony but few plan the marriage. The real question is what will happen for the next four years, not what will happen on election day.

Conservatives want someone who will boldly go forth, dismantle the Obama constructs and lay waste to the overfed, parasitic federal government that not only sucks up our resources but also sucks up our time and our freedoms. Is that really too much to ask?

We live in perilous times. We need a leader who will not be afraid to make earth-shattering changes. Washington will not succumb to a meek moderate. It will fight with every resource it can bring to bear against those who attempt to change it. There are entire bureaucracies and agencies in Washington which should be destroyed and their names never again spoken aloud in good company. A "moderate" who "appeals to independents" and who therefore has no mandate will neither attempt nor encourage such changes.

We do not need an uninspired caretaker who will allow us to gently continue on our established route to decline and insignificance. You may say, as I would have said in the past, "The American people will never allow that. There is too much patriotism and too much pride and self-respect for us to ever be less than the world's superpower." And I will look you in the eye, because you deserve no less, and I will tell you the painful truth.

"It is already happening and the results in the Florida primary are only a symptom. It's not a matter of prevention anymore; it's now a matter of reversal."

"A Republic, madam, if you can keep it." - Benjamin Franklin

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