Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Presidential Politics, Petroleum and Pandering

“I have seen hypocrisy that was so artful that it was good judgment to be deceived by it.” - Josh Billings
If your house were on fire, President Barack Obama is the civil servant who would insist the firemen get the hose to your house immediately and he would make sure it happened. Then, as he posed for pictures, he would refuse to allow anyone to attach the hose to a water hydrant as your home went up in flames.

keystone pipeline
Keystone XL Pipeline (Photo credit: shannonpatrick17)
Essentially this is what President Obama is doing with the Keystone XL Pipeline. The oil pipeline would be capable of pumping 700,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada into the United States if it were attached to a supply of oil. President Obama is all for building the oil pipeline, he just doesn't want it delivering any oil.

President Barack Obama is following the trail hewed by former President Bill Clinton: Audacious shamelessness and hypocrisy so dense that gamma rays find it impenetrable. Which makes the hypocrisy only slightly less dense than those who still support the man who would be President - if only everything weren't still George Bush's fault.

Barack Obama visiting - and unbelievably attempting to claim some kind of credit for - the Keystone XL Pipeline is akin to, well, Bill Clinton claiming credit for the welfare reform bill he stridently opposed until he signed it. Or Al 'Kermit' Gore, Junior, claiming his segregationist father helped promote the Civil Rights Act while historically Al 'Seggie' Gore, Senior, deftly attempted to undermine it at every opportunity.

And what does this tell us? That selling Snake Oil to Democrats and certain independents is easier than working for a living. Bill Clinton and Little Albert Gore, Junior, successfully convinced their fellow Democrats and many equally clueless independents that their sordid hypocrisy and blatant lies were truth and sincerity. So, as fantastic (in the literal sense) as this sounds, we may well see Barack Obama receive votes for 'supporting' the Keystone XL Pipeline.

"Where," you might well ask, "is our media?" And if you asked that question - unless you had come out of a 60-year coma - someone should thrash you within an inch of your naive, infinitely ignorant and unobservant life. Get this straight, Bucko, there is no 'our' media.

There are no groups of seekers-of-truth or logical analysts running around this country. Spotting an honest journalist with access to the President is as rare as a sober man spotting a Passenger Pigeon being swatted out of the sky by the claws of a Giant Sabre Toothed Tiger wearing roller blades and openly flashing cash in South Philly. And if you lived in South Philly, would
you be sober?

And we likely won't talk much more about this issue because President Obama seems to be quietly encouraging a race war in a case where facts are scarce and race-baiters abound. Is it part of a distraction or just more incompetence from a man who proves the Peter Principle every day before his first cup of coffee or his first surreptitiously smoked cigarette?

Incompetent or not, let there be no doubt that President Obama does not have the common touch. High gasoline prices are hurting middle-class and lower middle-class Americans in multiple ways. He has failed to address this issue in meaningful ways - unless one counts the promotion of algae as a potential future fuel source - and if one counts that, then one's cocaine habit greatly exceeds one's gasoline cost cares.

Will algae work? Simply put: No. By the time we develop algae as an energy source the high costs of fuels that actually work will drive us to the brink of starvation. While algae is a crappy and stupid fuel source, it
is nutritional and can actually be swallowed - unlike President Obama's hypocritical and false claims to support an oil pipeline he has done his best to destroy.

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