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GOP: White House Or (We All Go) Bust

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GOP: White House or We All Go Bust
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The 2012 federal elections will be an extended IQ test for the American voters. If we, as a nation, focus on personalities and political advantage then we absolutely deserve to have an economy that crashes, burns and explodes violently. We are not looking at economic Armageddon in the future, the armies are joined at Mt. Megeddo now and we are losing.

I honestly cannot determine if the left is tabula rasa ignorant, hide bound to the addiction of spending and the power it brings or if they simply do not care if the politics of envy and redistribution destroy the economy. Either way, the left has earned the scorn of, not just the right but also, the reasonable center.

This election will not be solely about the economy, but a powerful combination of high unemployment, looming inflation, energy costs and sickly economic growth are the chief concerns of most Americans. Huge
debt is not a radar screen blip for most people and it won't be until they understand how $15 trillion in debt will affect their wallets.

The Republican Party, like it or not, is the sole source of potential relief for the American economy. I don't say this lightly, and it's certainly not to gloat, because the GOP has demonstrated an ability to yield on important issues with little effort to do what is right. There is a real danger here that the Republicans will self-destruct if given an opportunity and then fail the American people.

Republicans had six years of control in Washington and acted like Democrats. They demonstrated a significant taste for "the other white meat" and found more recipes for pork than they now care to admit. I believe Republicans will retain the US House and regain control of the US Senate and the White House, but if they repeat their unrestrained behavior of 2001 - 2006, then their support will evaporate like Georgia dew in August.

I can almost guarantee that if Republicans abandon their fiscal promises, a third party will emerge from the right side of the political spectrum and the GOP will dissolve within five years. A GOP that taxes and spends like the Democrat Party will be the Whigs of the 21st Century.

Democrats will attract about 35% of the voters without any regard to their proven inability to manage a government or resurrect an economy. All they need do is attract one in four remaining voters to return President Obama to a second unsuccessful term. If you can convince a majority of people that a completely inexperienced back-bench freshman Senator has a secret plan to insure an additional 30 million people while saving money once, then you can possibly convince them twice. This election will be close.

The time has come for the GOP to bring forth candidates that will win and govern well because five more years of Barack Obama is an economic death sentence for this country. The election of a President and US Senators with an understanding of economics is more than crucial; it is an absolute necessity. No second chances, no mulligans, no slack; it is do or die.

The GOP cannot just win. It must win and then deliver a workable, efficient solution to the current economic disaster. Difficult decisions must be made, some federal agencies must be closed, some completely restructured and real, measurable progress must be shown within four very short years. If the GOP nominates a wrong leader then it will fail, our economy will fail and we may well be a second-class economy and world power for decades.

If the voters fail to do this right, then we deserve to fail and Thomas Jefferson's experiment in trusting the people with the power to govern will end as a bitter mistake. I can't say it more plainly. May God have mercy on us all.

by Ken Carroll
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  1. I agree 100% and that's not even considering allowing BHO the chance to appoint yet another U.S. Supreme Court Justice would be the nail in the coffin of the Constitution.


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