Friday, December 2, 2011

Dear Mr. Cain: It's Time

Dear Mr. Cain:

We've never met, so this advice may sound impertinent. I'm offering it as a serious Republican who is still not committed to a particular candidate, so I hope you will consider what I have to say.

When people said you were a flash-in-the-pan after the South Carolina debates, I defended you way back on May 6th, saying, 

  "The big winner was Herman Cain. Cain clearly won the debate on two levels: his performance and his accomplishment of what he needed as a candidate. Last night Herman Cain proved he belongs on the big stage and that his message has an audience. Pundits may dismiss Cain and we must remember it is a long campaign, but anyone who thinks Herman Cain won’t be around is going to be proven wrong."  

I took a lot of heat for that statement, but I was right. In other posts, I defended your lack of political experience when I pointed out that your positions as CEO were a better preparation for the US Presidency than the herd animals in legislatures. I still believe I'm right about that, too, but now we won't know.

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It's time, Mr. Cain. Without regard to the truth or lack of truth about your relationships with other women, it's time to fold up camp. If it makes you feel any better, I don't believe the overall charges. What I do know is that you can't win if people can't hear your message and your message has been drowned out by the continual questions about non-political matters.

The deciding factor though, is that you never got up to par on foreign policy matters. I understand your desire to consult with experts on matters with which you are unfamiliar. In fact, it's smart, but we needed to hear a set of principles upon which your decisions would be based. We needed a "Cain Doctrine" on foreign relations, but we didn't get one.

As a man who has quite a bit of campaign experience as an observer and as everything from a block walker to a speech writer to a campaign manager, I understand it's a gut-wrenching experience to hang it up, but the time has come to do just that. This is about the political process, not personalities.

I wish you well. I don't know what you will announce tomorrow, December 3rd, at your press conference, but I do know you're a fighter. No man survives Stage IV cancer if he is a lighweight mentally, emotionally or spiritually. You are, indeed, a fighter and deserved a much better fate than what the media has delivered.

Yet, the time has come. You have done well articulating the pro-business, pro-conservative position. There are people who follow you - and love you - because of the things you believe and your heartfelt passion for freedom. I still think 9-9-9 is a workable plan, because if the mess we have is workable, then 9-9-9 can certainly be made to work.

You can still champion those causes, but now your candidacy actually interferes with your own message. There are considerations which make it smart to continue in some form until January. I understand, but the reality is that it is already over.


Ken Carroll
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