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Analysis of the 2012 Election for Conservatives

Let's step back from this squirming pile of electoral nonsense for just a moment, take a calming breath and quietly look at things. Just you and me. No agendas, no group think, no hidden motivation. If you haven't had a chance to do this, who can blame you? It's been a whirlwind from the beginning and there is no sign that it's going to slow, but it needs to be done.

If you're a conservative or a libertarian, then the current president is doubtless as unacceptable to you as he is to me. Please keep this thought in mind as you read this and then as you choose a Presidential candidate.

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Even the supporters of President Obama cannot deny that his own Congressional Budget Office numbers show a massive increase in debt over the next decade and those numbers assume nearly miraculous job growth with none of the negative symptoms of the "quantitative easing" policy of Obama.

The continued printing of money will destroy the small amount of wealth that the middle class had managed to retain. This is not a hypothesis. It is a fact. The people of the middle class are the glue that holds our nation and our society together. As the size and wealth of the middle class decreases, so do our chances of surviving this economy and this lack of national leadership. 

Why is it that when the Left aims at the wealthy it always shoots the middle class right between the eyes?

Four more years of President Obama possibly means another three US Supreme Court nominations from the most radical, far-left President we have ever had. Unless you embrace the transfer of freedoms from the individual to the state, then you know we cannot allow this to happen. The ramifications would echo through the coming decades and even longer due to the principle of judicial precedent.

What we must do in November is win the Presidency and win the US Senate by a majority large enough to provide a conservative majority. Notice that I did not say a Republican majority, but a conservative majority. If Republicans retain the US House, win the US Senate and win the White House, then the expectations of the American people will be understandably high. Those expectations will be ruined if we are forced to rely on the liberal, New England Republicans for a majority.

If Republicans fail to deliver then the Republican Party will prove itself to be ineffective and it will soon end; and, our country may soon end afterward. I am not an alarmist, but the numbers dictate that we, as a nation, are in dire jeopardy.

I am not going to endorse a candidate at this time, because that is not what this column is about. Support the candidate of your choice and explain to one and all why you have offered your support. At the end of this exercise in choosing the Leader of the Free World, a position that currently sits vacant and wanting, we know that a change must be made.

If you believe in the principles of liberty and economic freedom that made this nation great, then you cannot stand with President Obama and, as a patriotic citizen, you cannot stand idle. Keep these things in mind as you reach your decision.

As for me, I have my preferences in the Republican Presidential Primary. I am concerned about all of the candidates, some more than others, but conservatives can influence a GOP President and time has proven that neither conservatives, nor facts nor greater truths can sway the ideologue at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Any Republican is more within our reach and ability to influence than President Obama.

Choose wisely, hopefully for a conservative, but remember that we are on the same team. We love freedom; we love our country and we will not succumb to silence. The truth must be told in a loving but uncompromising way.

November is coming, but we will chat again before then if you choose. I hope I have given you food for thought and that you will choose to share those thoughts with me. I do want to know what you believe and what ideas you have. 

In addition, I ask you to have courage; courage enough to approach your co-workers, your neighbors and your family and tell them why 2012 requires a change for the better. As a citizen you cannot afford to be shy; your nation cannot afford for you to be neutral. This is your fight and if you stay at home you will lose; and, if you lose, then we all lose. Your country needs you to be thoughtful; to be faithful; to be courageous and then to act boldly and decisively regardless of the Republican candidate. You will not do these things for a candidate. You will be do them for yourself and for your country.

Thanks for reading.

Written by Ken Carroll
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