Tuesday, January 10, 2012

President Obama Doubles Down on Ignorant and Stupid

- In (Jacob) Lew of (William) Daly -

Like all socialist regimes, the Obama Administration does not tolerate dissent. William M. Daley, the brother and son of former Chicago mayors, has discovered this open secret for himself. Daley was brought into the Obama White House as President Obama's Chief of Staff. This move was hailed by brain-dead pundits as a sign that President Obama was sending a pro-business signal.

Daley lasted less than one year, which is far longer than Obama's furtive nod to what makes the nation work. This is not surprising. Daley's successor, Jacob Lew, will be Obama's fourth Chief of Staff in less than three years. It was not even that Daley was overly pro-business, it was that he was insufficiently anti-business.

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I have no idea why businessmen should have seen Daley's appointment as a positive sign. Daley was never a businessman; he has always been a mere appointee. Daley was appointed to: be the special counsel to President Clinton on NAFTA, the Advisory Council of Economic Opportunity, the Fannie Mae Board of Directors, US Secretary of Commerce, President of SBC Communications, Chairman of Al Gore's Presidential Campaign, Advisor to the Obama-Biden Transition Team and the Midwest Chairman of JPMorgan Chase.

Daley has not been an entrepreneur or a venture capitalist. He is a constantly recycled board member whose last name is Daley. But, if Daley did represent a positive turn toward business, then what does it mean that Daley "resigned" and why does the media ignore the continued anti-business moves of the Obama Administration?

Daley's replacement, Jacob Lew, has spent his life in academia, government and a stint as a practicing attorney. He became the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, which means that he oversaw the brain trust that developed the econometric models that so inaccurately predicted both the economy and the results of President Obama's failed policies.

Now the leader of the gang that couldn't think straight is the White House Chief of Staff. Call me an optimist, but I don't think Lew's understanding of business is much less than the understanding of ice fishing held by a gila monster. Well, perhaps not the dumb gila monsters, anyway.

And get this: The talking heads - not David Byrne and company - think Lew was appointed to shore up the White House team while it fights about the budget with Congress. Will someone please explain to me why anyone could possibly think that Jacob Lew understands anything about a budget other than how to blow one? And I don't mean that in a fun way, at all.

Lew's appointment means that President Obama is doubling down on stupid and reinforcing his failed policies with a failed budget director. All of us are wrong at times, but if we are reasonable we review our efforts and their results and correct our mistakes. President Obama, who displays so much arrogance for so little reason, refuses to admit mistakes so that he cannot correct those mistakes.

It is now up to us to intervene in the ongoing insanity. I suggest we make that intervention at the first possible opportunity, which will be in November.

Written by Ken Carroll

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