Friday, January 6, 2012

The Unaware, Undecided and Indifferent will Choose Our President

If you've been closely following the current events of the past few years because you are concerned about the massive unemployment, trade deficits, increased government spending, the galloping herd of Obama Administration scandals and Obamacare then I am about to make you angry. If these issues are your concerns, as they are mine, then make yourself a stiff drink and sit down.
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The Gallop Poll conducts a daily Presidential Approval Poll. They now have president Obama's approval rating at 47% - above his disapproval rating of 46%. Scott Rasmussen's daily Presidential Approval Poll has President Obama's approval rating at 45% and his disapproval rating is 53%. Rasmussen also measures strongly approve and strongly disapprove, which reveals that 20% more Americans strongly disapprove of President Obama's performance than strongly approve.

What does this tell us? First of all, a poll is a snapshot of people's beliefs at a given time. Second, a poll is not necessarily a predictor of the future. Third, polls can often disappoint you in your fellow human beings.

The fact that the US economy is a ghost of its former self, that the President's economic "plan" amounts to pumping nickels into airport slot machines and investing in alpaca ranch franchises while playing the lottery numbers from a stale fortune cookie. Actually, that's not true; it's worse. The president's economic "plan" consists of choking our energy resources, attacking the few remaining successful manufacturing entities with his National Labor Relations Board whoremongers, drowning the taxpayers in a tsunami of debt that will take generations to repay and stealing every economic freedom not nailed down for the federal government. And people support this.

Actually, I don't think they support it; I think they don't know or don't understand what it means. They're lousy citizens. I called the post "The Unaware, Undecided and Indifferent will Choose Our President." I could have easily titled it "The Ignorant, Weak-Minded and Lazy will Condemn Us to Failure."

“The most important political office is that of private citizen.” - Justice Louis D. Brandeis

There is no sane way to defend President Obama's record. It is obviously an unmitigated disaster for anyone who pays attention. The problem? About 46% of Americans are either completely clueless or are grading on the curve. Either one fails themselves as individuals and fails us as their countrymen.

The problem is that the votes of the clueless, inattentive and ideology-stricken count exactly as much as the person who has painstakingly researched candidate positions and who has an actual understanding of economics and reality. It's one of the flaws of our imperfect system.

We now have eleven months to show the lost sheep some truth or lose our country to four more years of economy crushing, middle-class destroying, socialist ideology - and yes, Barack Obama is a socialist. November is coming, people; are you ready?
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