Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Intellectually Lazy Non-Voting Citizens Suck

“It’s all the same and it’s all meaningless.” If they cared enough to have one, it would be the battle cry of the apathetic non-voter. These are the people who are too lazy to differentiate between sides, too intentionally ignorant to look at issues, and too stupid to understand that their servile indifference equates to rabid support of this country’s problems.

They have help, of course, in the form of a mass media which refuses to face facts and cannot resist allowing their biases and opinions to molest straight news stories. The dichotomy between what people perceive and what passes for news is so great that they believe neither.

The technique of journalism writing.
The technique of journalism writing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Surprise! In “The Information Age” it’s harder to get facts than it was sixty years ago. The pablum in the press is provided by people who are no longer interested in truth and whose idea of morality extends to “their side” winning the next election. Call it “situational morality” or the Left’s mantra “the ends justify the means” but nihilism is winning the day. The denial of great truths about the intrinsic value of life and liberty are common – in every sense of the word.

The mainstream media kowtows to power, especially statist and Leftist power, and can’t seem to ask straightforward questions that affect our future. In the face of blatant lies that defy all logic, the press simply smooths its skirts and looks vaguely embarrassed but can’t seem to remember why it should feel shame or humiliation.

Let me remind them of why they should be mortified to their non-existent cores. They have one duty – a duty that in any type of republic or democracy is sacred – the simple duty to tell the complete truth and they have failed wretchedly. Not the “shaded truth” or the “enhanced truth” or the “uninformed truth” but the simple, straightforward truth. The face of Journalism should be put on a milk carton because it is missing and hasn't been seen in years.

Without the truth, an uninformed public will vote in ignorance – and the intellectually lazy will not vote at all – and the result will be what we now have: an indebted, dishonest, unchecked, power-hungry government and a leadership without a moral compass.

You have a duty to become informed and to then inform your neighbor.

Our government only works if the people demand truth from their government and the press. We have failed to do either for years and if we save this country it will be because we willfully and consciously choose to do so.

The defining moment of this millennium will be when we ultimately succeed or ultimately fail to reach both the pathetic and the apathetic. Liberty hangs in the balance. If you are a mere spectator then we shall lose our freedom and our fates shall be decided by those who are the ultimate whores for power.
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