Monday, October 14, 2013

If the GOP Blinks - The NEXT Shutdown Will Be Impossible

The ramifications of the GOP yielding to President Barack Obama and Harry Reid on the issue of the immediate implementation of Obamacare have been fully grasped by neither the Republican leadership nor the conservative media. Once the grossly misnamed Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) has been fully implemented, the US House of Representatives will be unable to ever use the threat of a government shutdown again - for any reason.
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English: President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and senior staff, react in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, as the House passes the health care reform bill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Republicans have avoided any real consequences for holding the line on a one-year delay on the requirement that individuals register for the new law. In addition, they will eventually make hay out of the Democrats insistence that Congress and White House appointees be exempt from the law they passed and crafted. This shutdown is not the problem; it's the next shutdown that will count.

One could argue that the GOP has been hurt in the polls more than Democrats and that is true. President Obama, aided by an intentionally ignorant media, has done a good job of frightening citizens. Fearful or not; however, the only polls that matter, as any politician will tell you, are on election day. No one believes voters will still be frightened due to this issue more than a year in the future.

There is no logical thought process in which the Left does not threaten Americans with a loss of healthcare in future debt ceiling showdowns.

Yet, it is imperative that Republicans hold steady. The year-long delay for an individual participation requirement in AHA is reasonable and necessary. Reasonable in that the system is not ready and the effects and individual costs of the law cannot yet be anticipated. Necessary in that the implementation of Obamacare will almost certainly blunt any threat to rein in government spending by using the approved debt limit as leverage.

We have all seen the overreaching attempts by the White House (#SpiteHouse in TwitterLand) to unnecessarily injure Americans by shutting down high-profile locations (e.g. the Washington Mall and its monuments) and personally hurtful actions and inactions (e.g. interpreting laws so that the families of service men and women killed in the line of duty suffer for funds). This president and his Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have not flinched at hurting American citizens in order to make politically expedient points. Would the health and well-being of Americans be off-limits?

There is no logical thought process in which the Left does not threaten Americans with a loss of healthcare in future debt ceiling showdowns. While you may believe that is too bold, I assure you it could be done simply.

In two years, one could see the following statement from the White House:

Due to the failure of a small number of zealots in the House of Representatives, who refuse to increase the debt ceiling so that America can pay her bills, we are again faced with a crisis. Despite everything Vice-President Biden and I, along with our capable staffs, can do; we must cut back on certain expenditures or face defaulting on our debts.
This means that, beginning immediately and until the Republicans see reason to lift the debt ceiling, we cannot guarantee reimbursement to physicians who perform non-emergency or non-life-threatening procedures. No other procedures will be guaranteed reimbursement.

If the GOP cannot handle the bad publicity and outcry because of some furloughed workers and closed national monuments, can they possibly hold firm against a constituent whose grandmother needs surgery? Imagine for a moment the calls from frightened and outraged constituents. They will not be interested in the fact that Democrats should have considered this possibility before they passed an unread law. They will blame Republicans.

There is no defense against that action. This is why it is imperative that Republicans hold their ground and prolong the implementation of this atrocity until the American people regain their senses. If not, anticipate unrelenting and continued outrageous federal spending without check for the foreseeable future - and that future will include a real crisis including a downgrade on federal bonds.

Did I say "without check"? That may not be completely correct. Sadly for fiscal conservatives of all parties and philosophies, there will be a check, followed by "Checkmate".
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