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The First Democrats' Lie About Voter Fraud Refuted

- The facts you need to argue the case for Photo Voter ID, Part One -

There are things that Democrats want you to believe about voter fraud and about the drive for photo voter ID laws by the states. Are any of those things true? In a word: No.

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To date, eight states have passed photo voter ID laws. I live in Georgia, one of two states that has conducted elections under the law. The numbers and facts destroy the arguments of the progressives.

The reality of life under a photo voter ID is very different from the self-serving helping of fear-mongering Democrats have manufactured. Briefly, here is the first lie, followed by the truth.

Lie #1: Photo Voter ID is discriminatory and will suppress all votes, but especially minority votes.

The Truth is in the numbers: Compare the Georgia vote levels of the 2004 and 2008 elections and the 2006 and 2010 elections. The more recent election of each pair used the new voter ID laws. If the Democrats had been right, vote totals for both minorities and whites would be lower. After Georgia implemented its new voter identification requirements, the number of votes cast increased across the racial spectrum, but increased the most among minorities.

The Numbers, Comparison of presidential election years 2004 to 2008: White vote increased by eight percent. African-American votes increased by 42% and Latino votes increased by 140%.

The Numbers, Comparison of non-presidential election years 2006 to 2010: White vote increased by 11.7% while African-American votes increased by 44% and Latino votes increased by 66.5%.

Analysis: For the 2008 election, it can be argued that votes increased because of the excitement of the first minority presidential candidate, Barack Obama, nominated by a major political party. No such argument exists for the 2010 election.

After Georgia implemented photo voter ID, the number of votes cast actually increased among all races, increasing most among minorities by a wide margin. This is exactly the opposite of what the Democrats said - and continue to say - despite evidence to the contrary.

So why do vote totals increase when photo voter ID is required? I believe it's because citizens can now believe that their votes are counted fairly. Believing that your vote matters and that the process is not being manipulated is an incentive to participate in the process.

Democrats have yet to acknowledge that their protests of voter ID laws are based on false assumptions. It is time to question their motives for advancing a lie that endangers our electoral process.

This is the first of a series on this subject which will be of increasing interest as Democrats become more desperate to maintain power at all costs.

by Ken Carroll

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  1. Actually, I suspect the growth in minority voting may be due to the perception that they have to show up and vote rather than depending on Democratic apparatchiks to read their mind and register their vote for the correct candidate.


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