Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fast and Furious Poll and Iowa Debate Poll Results

Republicans are set to make Operation Fast and Furious aka Operation Gun Runner an issue in the 2012 Presidential election. How do you feel about it? Here's your chance to let people know!

New Poll: What's Your Opinion? Operation Fast and Furious:

 - What? Never heard of it!
 - is overblown and the GOP knows it.
 - will make a difference to some people
 - was a naked power grab by Holder and/or Obama.
 - is a VERY big deal and undermines the US Constitution!

Please vote in the poll which is in the right column near the top of the page. You may vote once, and in this poll you may vote for only one answer. The poll will close at Midnight, the morning of December the 29th.

Poll Results: Who Won the Fox News Iowa GOP Debate?

  1.1% - Michele Bachmann
22.1% - Newt Gingrich
  2.3% - Jon Huntsman
64.0% - Ron Paul
  9.3% - Rick Perry
  1.1% - Mitt Romney
  0.0% - Rick Santorum

Please note that this is not a scientific poll and is used for entertainment and to generate discussion. Do you have more to say? Add your comments below. I'd like to hear them.


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