Thursday, December 8, 2011

Keystone XL Pipeline Poll and Old Poll Results

New Poll: Why is President Obama Blocking the Keystone XL Pipeline?
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 - He fears angering the left-leaning Green movement.
 - He is using it as political leverage.
 - He hates Canadians.
 - He wants no new oil-related jobs.
 - Someone in Texas might benefit.
 - He is confusing oil pipelines with surfing pipelines.

Please vote in the poll which is in the right column near the top of the page. You may vote once, but in this poll you may vote for multiple answers. The poll will close at Midnight, the morning of December 15th.

Old Poll Results: Will you support the GOP Nominee?
   5.6% - No, I will not support any Republican candidate.
   0.0% - Only if it's my top choice.
   5.6% - If it's one of my top 3 choices.
 11.0% - Yes, almost any GOP candidate.
 77.8% - Anyone is better than Obama.

I was pleasantly surprised by the poll results, expecting more one-candidate voters. Obviously, these are not scientific polls and are simply for recreation and to stir discussion. If you'd like to amplify your answers or attempt to persuade other voters, feel free to use the comments section. Of course, I do expect civility. Enjoy!

by Ken Carroll

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  1. "No, I will not support any Republican candidate"

    Can you imagine the absolute idiocy of somebody that thinks like this? And we have to share oxygen with them.


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