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Around the World in 80 Lines or Less - December 21, 2011

Pyongyang, North Korea

Kim Jung-il is dead and odds are that Hell has a new, very short, very strange resident. The late, not-so-great Kim kept his people on the brink of starvation, both physical and spiritual for years, while he enjoyed his seven floor pleasure palace. His death made the world a better place.
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Kim Jung-il's son Kim Jung-un, is the new dictator and was proclaimed "the Great Successor" by Pyongyang's finest public relations firm - We Have Turnips Comrade. For those asking what young Kim will be like; don't ask. I'll tell you all you need to know: This is the son of Kim Jung-il who did NOT want to go to Disneyland. I don't think it was just because he bears a striking resemblance to a Disney animatronic Grumpy dwarf with a bad dye job.

The younger Kim is gifted; having already received the rank of Daejang (General) in the North Korean Army. Next year he is due to receive another increase in rank so that he can begin deploying actual Chinese knock-off G.I. Joe dolls.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo and other Egyptian cities are not the place to be a female protester. Egyptian women were stomped, stripped and beaten by members of the Egyptian military. Videos show the furious attacks against the women with the vicious beating and stomping continuing far past the point where the women appeared to be unconscious. The Egyptian military has apologized and says it will reprimand the individual soldiers who savagely attacked the women.

While the attacks against those women are reprehensible, they are anything but unexpected. Can you honestly say you were surprised at yet another example of shameful, brutal, and often officially approved, abuse against women?

The continued abuse of women in Arab countries has a long legacy and western women are nearly silent over the outrage. If abuse of such a serious nature happened in any first world country, American and European women would be up in arms, but in a nation where the country's official religion is the "Religion of Peace" it is so expected that there is barely a ripple of concern.

Paris, France

Fitch Rating reaffirmed France's AAA credit rating, but warned that six European nations are still under review for a possible credit rating reduction. Belgium, Cyprus, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia and Spain may still be downgraded.

Many expected France to be downgraded, but the immediate and complete unconditional surrender of the French army to Fitch's accounting department resolved the problem. The Number 2 Pencil Brigade received medals for accurate straight-line depreciation in the face of the enemy.

Washington, DC, USA

Democrats are giving the American people another single-question IQ test. The Republican-led US House of Representatives passed a bill to, among other things, extend the payroll tax breaks for a full year. This is something that many Democrats, including President Barack Obama and Senator Harry Reid (D-Las Vegas Luxury Hotel), asked for earlier.

Now Reid and His Merry Band of Socialists in the Do-Nothing US Senate have passed a bill that extends the tax breaks for only two months and then left town. Now the Democrats are wailing that the Republicans are endangering the tax cuts. Excuse me, but the Republicans passed  a tax cut for a longer period of time. Typical Democrat politics.

So, how typical? There are 26 bills designed to encourage job growth, passed by the House Republicans, but sitting and waiting on the Senate Democrats. Now, here's your IQ test question: Which body of Congress is working and which is playing games?

Sioux City, Iowa, USA

Republicans engaged in a televised Texas chainsaw death match in a locked steel cage (mistakenly called a debate) in Sioux City and its blood-spattered technicolor stupidity has proved so popular that it has moved to the airwaves.

I've been a Republican for decades and our desire to destroy each other and our candidates is still unbelievable to me. If I didn't find the leftists to be putrid, soulless, evil ego-maniacal enemies of liberty I'd just sit this one out in a cave, praying the Mayans were right.

Final Note:

It's time to start paying careful attention to issues and politics. November is coming.
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