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Why 2012 Is Even More Important Than You Think 3

- Taking Failure, Incompetence and Class Envy World-Wide -

If you have been focused on economic conditions, I can't really blame you. It's like driving past an endless chain-reaction car wreck. You can't help but stare. The carnage has been sickly fascinating as we watch the destruction of businesses and industries and the tightening of government-applied vices to the dwindling American middle class.

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In the meantime, not only have other economies suffered, there is a leadership vacuum across the globe. Do you remember when the President of the United States was automatically considered the Leader of the Free World? I cannot imagine any person with a modicum of political knowledge and a good dose of common sense describing Barack Obama as the Leader of the Free World. Let's face it, Obama could not be an effective leader of Candyland. Consequently, there is no world leadership and the world is floundering.

"Nature abhors a vacuum," is a true statement whether one attributes it to Aristotle, Fran├žois Rabelais or Baruch Spinoza. It's also true that nations abhors a vacuum of political power. Consequently, there is a scramble for power and for natural resources. The rules have changed and in the turmoil, countries with a real foreign policy - some of them not beacons of goodness - are seeking to take advantage.

Meanwhile, our President would rather trust other countries with world leadership than trust our own country. Besides it's more fun to continuously run for office than to accept responsibility. 
We have the greatest nation on Earth and a man at its head who cannot differentiate between our culture of personal freedom and cultures who place unconscionable restrictions on their citizens. No wonder he doesn't want to acknowledge the necessity of American leadership.

There are not only challenges in our future, there are current challenges that are under-reported from the perspective of their impact on the United States. So how are we doing?

China believes it should be the dominant power in Asia. It is rapidly growing its blue water navy. The addition of an aircraft carrier, an offensive weapon, is a clear signal of its intent. It is also still manipulating its currency value and driving for the yuan to replace the dollar as the world's default currency.

Our response under Obama? Borrow more money and fail to challenge China's flaunting of intellectual property rights.

Russia is surging under Vladimir Putin. Putin would like to see Russia return to the power levels of the old Soviet Union and they have the natural resources and the technology to do so. Putin is aggressive and when he has finished consolidating his power then all bets are off. 

Our response under Obama? We caved under Russian pressure and abandoned plans to place missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic, throwing our allies to the wind - an Obama theme - while getting nothing in exchange from the Russians.

The Middle East is now more unstable with a lessened US presence, contrary to the leftists fantasies, endangering our access to petroleum. Look for more violence and an increased influence from our enemy, Iran. 

Our response under Obama? We have nearly eliminated new oil production in the Gulf of Mexico. We refuse to drill in ANWAR and Obama has blocked the Keystone XL pipeline. In addition, we have failed to make proper use of our supplies of natural gas. Instead we have pegged our hopes on the absurd flower power acid trip that "green" power is sufficient to power our nation when we have yet to demonstrate that it can be economically feasible on any scale.

Mexico is rapidly becoming a narco-terrorist state. Mexican drug lords can often exceed the firepower of the Mexican armed forces, let alone Mexican city police forces. In addition, we have failed to secure our border with Mexico.

Our response under Obama? Sell guns to the Mexican drug lords without informing the Mexican government in an attempt to lessen US gun rights and find creative rationale for not protecting our citizens. For a hobby, the US Department of justice files taxpayer funded lawsuits against states who try to discourage legal residents of other nations from becoming illegal aliens in the United States.

There are more current challenges such as a new North Korean regime, the continued attacks against Christians in Africa and the Middle East, the approaching nuclear threat to Israel from Iran, tension between the nuclear powers of Pakistan and India, the growing communist influence in South America and Europe's failing economies. Barack Obama is not capable of negotiating these problems while protecting America's best interests, because he is incapable of determining what is in America's best interests. Hello, Mr. Bystander in Chief!

We have the wrong man leading our nation at a time when the world powers are in a flux. President Obama has no appreciation for American ideals and sees no dangers from other nations who desire more power. There is no Obama foreign policy unless one counts the old finger-in-the-wind, pollster prognostication, panic and pander model.

November is coming all over the world, but it's more important here than anywhere else. Are your family members registered to vote?

Suggested Obama theme song for the 2012 elections: AC/DC's "Highway to Hell".

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Written by Ken Carroll

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