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The Second Democrats' Lie About Voter Fraud Refuted

Previously in this series: The First Democrats' Lie About Voter Fraud Refuted

While it's not necessary to read the previous installment in this series, it will help with some background information. There are two states, Georgia and Indiana, that currently have photo voter ID. So why do Democrats not refer to the actual vote results? I'm a native Georgian and a current resident of the Peach State, so I'll refer to Georgia's voter ID law that has already been tried and tested.

Lie #2a: Voter fraud does not exist . . .

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Not so fast. According to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, hundreds of voter fraud cases are prosecuted in Georgia alone every year. Just one month ago 12 Democrats in Brooks County, Georgia, were charged with committing voter fraud using absentee ballots in 2010.

Democrats will, I'm sure, point out that photo voter doesn't help with absentee ballot fraud; completely overlooking clear proof that the desire to commit voter fraud exists. And, knowing the desire exits, would we make the mistake of believing that those who would steal elections would stop at absentee ballots?

So what was the beginning of catching the Democrats? Officials reviewed the high number of absentee ballots cast in the election. Without real voter ID requiring a photo ID, more of the fraud would have been committed face-to-face with no way to stop it. An ID is required to pick up an absentee ballot from the Registrar's office.

How large is voter fraud? In my home county of Dodge, 26 people were convicted of federal voter fraud for buying votes. The hundreds of people who admittedly sold their votes were not prosecuted. The New York Times quoted a US Justice Department official who called it the largest voter fraud conspiracy case in the history of the country.

Surprisingly, more Dodge Countians spent time in prison for committing voter fraud and conspiracy to commit voter fraud in the 2004 election cycle, even after the previous sentences were handed down. Again, those sentenced were all Democrats. In addition, the voter fraud likely prevented Dodge County from electing its first black sheriff, Dan Wilcox, in 2004.

There are others and they are not all limited to the state of Georgia, though there is nearly always one common factor. The overwhelming majority of those charged and convicted with voter fraud are Democrats. Republicans have been convicted on voter fraud charges, but they are a small minority compared to the number of offenders who are Democrats.

Lie #2b: . . . and if voter fraud does exist, photo ID will not stop it.

The argument used by Democrats is that there is no evidence to show that voter ID does not stop voter fraud. This is very true and there is a reason there is no proof. How can one show that photo voter ID stops voter fraud unless photo voter ID is in use? And if it is in use, then it prevents the attempt to perpetrate that type of fraud. so it would be extremely rare if in use at all.

Without a photo ID requirement, how can fraud that makes use of a lack of photo ID be proved? It can't; and that is the very reason the law is needed.

Democrats like to point to absentee ballot voter fraud as being a more serious threat than face-to-face voter fraud which can be prevented by a strong photo ID requirement. This is akin to saying that bad tires cause accidents so seat belts are a waste of time.

Finally, if Democrats believe absentee ballot voter fraud is such a problem, then where are their proposed solutions? I would gladly join with them if they can find a workable way to further lessen absentee ballot voter fraud.

I have noticed that unless Republicans are talking about photo voter ID, Democrats are silent about absentee ballot voter fraud. In fact, Democrats are silent about all voter fraud unless Republicans raise the issue. Why do you suppose that is the case?

We need to ensure that all legal votes are counted and that the process is secure. After all, November is coming.
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