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Why 2012 Is Even More Important Than You Think 2

- Neither a Healthy Populace, Nor a Healthy Economy -

While we can't help but recognize that the United States is struggling financially in both public and private sectors, it's time to point out that Europe is struggling even more. The fact that a European-style economy appears to be President Barack Obama's model for the fundamentally changed United States is seldom mentioned.

Like the act of socializing medicine in Europe, the goal was not about medicine; it was about socialism. In the United States, Obamacare is not the end; it is a means to an end. The purpose of Obamacare is to squeeze out private insurers and then private medical providers. In the end, the quality of medical care must decrease as surely as the costs must increase when efficient competition ends and healthcare by bureaucrat begins. If there is a second Obama term, then this will be the future. 

Look at Europe where decades of promises are dying with the whimper of occasional street riots. It's as though a lie, that everyone knew to be a convenient fiction, was finally exposed. There is little real outrage, but many will go through the motions because it is expected.

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Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts
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Europe is simply another example of socialist economies failing to live up to socialist promises. The ability to pay for early retirements, universal "free" healthcare, stringent regulation of everything but workers' behavior and opulent employee benefits are dependent upon an eternally growing population and a constantly growing economy or payment by future, currently voiceless, generations. 

The problem is that socialist and mythical "third way" economies stifle themselves with burdensome costs and regulations that guarantee a sluggish economy that cannot compete on the world market. What makes socialism appealing to the uneducated and gullible is what makes it always fail.

We can't be surprised that Greek workers would riot when they finally realized that all of the political promises made to them were as valuable to them as most political promises. Should the Greeks have known all along? Of course they should have known, but their uprisings are against reality. They demand a bargain of nothing for something, and that, life will not grant.

The only way Europe has survived for this long is the importation of cheap immigrant labor. Native European population rates had generally either stalled or begun to decline. Labor from former colonies in northern Africa served to prolong the inevitable, but now that is no longer enough. Europe must now deal with its economic crisis and the problems caused by a multitude of unhappy immigrants, as well.

"Well," you might say, "The Greeks of all people should have known better when their politicians were giving away everything." Yes, as the Trojans learned, beware of Greeks bearing gifts - especially Greek politicians. But look around you now.

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on the human face -  forever . . . and remember that it is forever." - George Orwell

Did the American people not fall for the same, obviously unfulfillable promises in 2008? President Obama promised to insure an additional 30 million people for a lower total cost. Did all but the most ignorant not know better?

Have we not turned our heads as we allowed millions of illegal aliens to work in our country and, even worse, thousands of criminals infiltrate our borders with little fear of any consequences? We needed the cheap labor to pay for our expensive government. Isn't this exactly what Europe has done? At least most of the European immigration was done legally. We can't even say that.

Finally, have we not grown our government at the cost of our future, just as Europe has done? We are more than $15.1 trillion in debt and President Obama wants another stimulus, though he may cleverly call it something else which will, amazingly, completely fool the leftists pundits.

Look carefully at Europe as a whole. If they survive their current crisis, it will be because of outside help. We will help because we don't want them to fail. China will help them because it needs markets to avoid a similar future fate. 

If the United States fails, there will be no rescue. Europe is weak and cannot help. Japan's economy is too small and China sees us as we should see them: a very real threat.

There is a lesson there to be learned and this nation must learn it in less than a year. If we want a future free of government's heavy hand - and even heavier foot - we must remember that November is coming.

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Written by Ken Carroll

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