Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blazing Thoughts - Or Is My Hair on Fire?

Blagojevich with former Congressman Rahm Emanu...
Blagojevich (L) with former Presidential Fixer and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (C)
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On the bright side, recently sentenced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's Elvis impersonation will be a big hit at the Joliet talent shows. Hey Gov, be sure to perform Jailhouse Rock for all of the other inmates - and sing it like you mean it!
Obama in Kansas
Being a far-left liberal and having the far-left Washington Post (allegedly a newspaper) rate your speech is kind of like your own grandmother grading your performance at a local piano recital. So, when the WaPo gave King Barack I three out of four Pinocchio's for his outrageous fantasy-laden speech, I was shocked. Of course, I would have rated them as outright Whoppers, but Obama just makes it up as he goes along!

Eric Holder
The only reason Eric is still around is that President Obama will need someone to blame for all of the other crap the US Department of Justice is perpetrating in addition to Operation Fast and Furious. Too bad the WaPo won't grade Holder's accuracy in his testimony before Congress. Still, it's coming and Eric will be the Holder of the bag!
Barbara Boxer and Climate Fantasies
Why is it that ignorant people who preach science do not understand the scientific method? Boxer (D-Bankrupt State) says all top scientists agree that global warming is man made and must be stopped. Okay, so where is the "control" Earth that has no human inhabitants, Babs? And more reasonably, where is the correlation between carbon emissions and temperature?
By the way, there is a strong positive correlation between solar radiation and the temperature. Just thought you would like to know so that you can ignore another actual fact.
Who Loves John Bolton?
Who loves John Bolton? Certainly not any of the other countries. They fear his mustache, among other things. If elected, Newt Gingrich has promised to ask Bolton to serve as his Secretary of State. Bolton is a hard-edged conservative, so I think this would be a winner and hope other GOP candidates would also consider Bolton for the position.
John McCain and Other Foolishness
Regardless of what one thinks of Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and his so-called Maverick politics (aka pandering to liberal editorial boards) and his dismal Presidential run, you would have to be a total idiot to call McCain a 'Kingmaker' as some pundits have done. McCain has less influence than many of his fellow US Senators who have never run for national office. Kingmaker? No, not even a mild influence on little old gray-headed McCainiacs.

George F. Will Won't

Washington Post token 'conservative' George F. Will,  has enjoyed bashing most Republican presidential candidates for the past few days and reserved his compliments for two who are unlikely to be the nominee. It seems the only remaining part of Will I would regard as conservative is his love of baseball - and I expect the Soccer announcement any day. So, George, will you attack President Obama with such verbose vigor next fall? I'm betting Will won't.

by Ken Carroll

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