Friday, December 9, 2011

One Thing to Know About 'Fast and Furious'

 - And Two Important Things We Do Not Know - 

There is one thing you need to know about Operation Fast and Furious aka Operation Gun Walker. In all of the obfuscation by the US Department of Justice and misleading testimony by US Attorney General Eric Holder it has gotten lost. Be patient and I will get to it. In the meantime, just remember that Eric Holder is to justice what Michael Moore is to competitive bodybuilding.
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You know, I'm sure, that the stated premise behind this reckless, probably illegal, endeavor is that the United States government would sell guns to proxy buyers in the United States and then track those weapons to drug lords in Mexico. 
You probably also are aware that the government of Mexico was never told about the operation and that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) had no way of tracing those guns once they were taken across the Mexican border. Yes, there was no way to trace the guns to the Mexican drug lords.

If you are wondering how this "plan" was to succeed, then you are not alone. The accusation that Fast and Furious is a scheme to "prove" that the US is the overwhelming source of weaponry for the murderous thugs in Mexico cannot be lightly dismissed. At face value, it is certainly a more workable idea than the one stated by the ATF and their bosses in the US Department of Justice (DoJ).

The testimony by Holder before the US House of Representatives is shameful. It is nearly as shameful as the silence of the mainstream media - with the notable exception of CBS News. CBS has done some heavy lifting on the story and should be recognized for that effort. This is rather better than in the past.

Not only has Holder been so unhelpful that he has been declared a hostile witness, he's calling the investigation "political". As if any investigation into this fiasco that has cost the life of a US Border Agent and hundreds of Mexicans should not happen.

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Holder did admit that the hundreds of missing guns will show up at crime scenes for years to come. He also states that he does not know who approved the operation. And here comes the one thing you need to know about Operation Fast and Furious.

Know this: While Eric Holder plays games with Congressional investigators, the person who gave ultimate approval to this deadly travesty is still on the federal government payroll, being paid with your tax dollars.
If Eric Holder cannot investigate his own department any better than this, he has no business in any type of law enforcement. If he's not doing his best then he should resign immediately.

Will Holder's incompetence or his political manipulation of what is an obviously illegal operation result in President Obama demanding his resignation? Despite the fact that Holder is responsible for the murder of one American and the endangerment of thousands of others, Obama will keep him. In fact, Obama is likely begging the disgraced cabinet member to stay. Why? Because it's hard to find fall guys in DC and there is still more to come out of the most politicized DoJ in the history of this nation.

And what is it that we do not know? We do not know that this operation was not personally approved by Eric Holder. And what else do we not know? We also do not know that Fast and Furious was not directly approved by President Barack Obama.
Think about it. Then you have the right to be very, very angry.

by Ken Carroll

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