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The Best of Below the Gnat Line 2011

- The Top 10 in '11 -
Happy New Year!

I hope we all have a wonderful year and because it's New Year's Eve, it's not only time to look forward to next year, but also to reflect on 2011. Listed below are my favorite Below the Gnat Line posts from 2011. These are the posts I enjoyed writing the most or for different reasons became most proud of the result. I hope you enjoy them.


10. Cracks in the FunHouse Mirror, Part I - January 12th - After the Tucson shootings, the left wasted no time in assaulting the Bill of Rights and the Tea Party, proving once again the progressives are not just opportunists, they are also just plain creepy. Excerpt:
Here’s a reality check question for you: Since the Tucson shooting, have you seen more verbal attacks on the presumed shooter, Jared Loughner, or on the Tea Party movement? Just ponder that for a moment. Does this strike you as people upset that lives were violently taken, or does it appear more likely that political hacks are not allowing “a good crisis go to waste”?
9.The Top 10 Things About the Obama Administration - August 4th - My top things are likely different than the ones the Progressives would select. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.

8. Democrats and the Art of Doing Nothing - May 26th - What have Democrats done to help the budget crisis? Why the same thing they have done to help the economy; nothing.

7. 14 Hours, 29 Minutes, 49 Seconds of Democrat Sacrifice - March 14th - Putting Democrat spending cuts in perspective. Excerpt:

In February alone, the US had a deficit of $222.5 billion. To put things in perspective, the Democrats could only suggest $4.8 billion in tax cuts for the entire year. If you do the math, these cuts would have balanced federal spending in February for just 14 hours, 29 minutes and 49 seconds. Let’s be clear, this is only the difference it would take to make up for the deficit, not actually pay for anything.
6. Eric Holder's Sleazy World - December 19th - I've enjoyed writing about Eric Holder this year, and I'll continue to enjoy writing about him in 2012. Of the several posts I've written about Barack Obama's Attorney General, this was my favorite. Excerpt:
Caught with his hand in the cookie jar, crumbs on his lips and a tattoo that says, "The Pillsbury Dough Boy is My Bitch," Holder denies everything, including knowledge of anything.
If he is to be believed, Holder knows so little about activity at the Justice Department (DoJ) that at the next round of questioning, I suggest Representative Darrell Issa ask Holder, "Are you now, or have you ever been, the Attorney General of the United States?" 
5. Ignorance, Arrogance and Government Meddling - December 14th - There are a few things the federal government does well and the rest are disastrous and expensive. Starring Chris Dodd and Maxine Waters, this Progressive Tragi-comedy illustrates why "Democrat" is simply the mispronunciation of the word "Socialist".

4. Reagan Said, "Nyet!" - February 5th - This was written in honor of President Reagan's 100th birthday. In hindsight it all seems easy now, but it wasn't. This is how it was when Ronald Wilson Reagan told the Russians something other American Presidents forgot how to say - and he said it in Russian.

3. OWS: Return of the Useful Idiots - November 5th - If you remember the Cold War, then you remember the terminology. I got to see the Hippie-crits up close in Washington. Here is an excerpt:

So, blatantly standing in our public places, incredibly arrogant in their ignorance, we see the newest version of the Useful Idiots. The people whose knowledge is without fact, whose assumptions are asinine and whose very existence raises questions about the validity of the theory of survival of the fittest.
2. One Thing to Know About Fast and Furious - December 9th - Subtitled "And Two Important Things We Do Not Know". "In the meantime, just remember that Eric Holder is to justice what Michael Moore is to competitive bodybuilding." You may have seen this on Twitter, but this is where it originated. Often, the mainstream media misses the obvious, but it's handled here.

1. Dear Hollywood: You Piss Me Off - December 11th - A classic rant in the key of Dennis Miller with some Groucho Marx throwbacks and genuine moral outrage. It was a really cleansing experience and readers agreed.

Thanks for reading. I am convinced that when people are informed they make good decisions. I'm simply trying to help people become informed and do it in a way that's entertaining.

I would ask that if you enjoy my blog, hit the +1 button or the "Like" button or better yet, do both and then follow my blog in your favorite news reader. Happy New Year and bring on 2012 - November is coming.

Written by Ken Carroll

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